World Exclusive! We hebben Papa Bally terug, je weet wel, de evolutie van normale Bally. En dus zal Wall Jump nooit meer hetzelfde zijn, zoals je zult merken. Verder hebben we nog 118 lezersvragen, allemaal over games. Dus ga zitten en geniet!

3 thoughts on “DE WELCOME BALLY BACK SPECIAL – Wall Jump Podcast #39

  1. Can I say something?’ ‘Go on’ ‘I’m a little drunk’ ‘Me too. That’s okay. Just….I missed you, you know. I missed you too.’ ‘But so, so much, Dexter. There were so many things I wanted to talk to you about, and you weren’t there-‘ ‘same here.’ ‘I tell you what it is. It’s…..When I didn’t see you, I thought about you every day, I mean EVERY DAY in some way or another-‘ ‘same here.’ ‘-Even if it was just I wish Dexter could see this or Where’s Dexter now? or Christ that Dexter, what an idiot””, you know what I mean, and seeing you today, well, I thought I’d got you back – my BEST friend. And now all this, the wedding, the baby- I’m so happy for you, Dex, but it feels like I’ve lost you again.’- -‘You know what happens you have a family, your responsibilities change, you lose touch with people’ ‘It won’t be like that, I promise.’ ‘Do you?’ ‘Absolutely’ ‘You swear? No more disappearing?’ ‘I won’t if you won’t.’ Their lips touched now, mouths pursed tight, their eyes open, both of them stock still. The moment held, a kind of glorious confusion

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